Fighting the Craving for Illicit Drugs and Alcohol


Someone who gets addicted to illicit drugs or alcohol will surely have a hard time to withdraw or disconnect for it in the long run.  He’ll have to have a serious and strong dedication in addition to having the right help to keep away from drugs. Below are some pointers to help an addict in getting rid of his/her yearning for drugs.

Hang around With Family and Friends

The most essential aspects that can help you avert the substance abuse ideas are favorable therapy for building confidence and great social company. These needs can just be satisfied by your friends and family, but obviously the sober and clean one. Thus, spending as much time as possible with your friends and family would substantially help you in keeping away from the routine.

Engage Yourself in Healthy Activities

You need to keep yourself engaged in activities that benefit your health. It will help you divert your attention from the drugs. Taking part in celebrations, sports, and so on is not just beneficial in keeping you active, it improves your confidence and self-esteem. Try not to be alone as much as possible as it might provoke you to take drugs/alcohol.

Get Rid of Friends and Places Linked to Drugs or Alcohol

Birds of the same feather flock together.  Even if you have not tried it before or don’t plan to, you can never underestimate peer pressure. If you hang out with friends that use or in places with abundant supply of drugs, they will surely offer some for you.  For this reason, you need to prevent the company of drug users and places related to drug or alcohol which might lure you to use up the practice once.

Change Your Thoughts

When you stop taking drugs (meaning you’re in withdrawal), the yearning for consumption of drugs is very strong. Undoubtedly, the scenario is a terrifying and excruciating to both you and to your friends and family. Here are some pointers to conquer your craving.

- Remember the consequences of substance abuse - The minute you seem like to want to use the drugs/alcohol once again, remember the bad days when you experienced addiction and the effects you dealt with in regards to health problems, stress to parents, bad academics and the harmed social credibility.

- Remind your objective to give up illicit drugs - You have to continuously advise yourself the objective of quitting drugs. Imagining the drug-free life will enhance your will power even more.

- Recognize the favorable impacts of keeping away from these hazardous compounds - When you know the favorable impacts of keeping away from drug abuse; you are less likely to return to drugs. Acknowledge the advantages like health, monetary stability, status in the society and the trust you give yourself by avoiding drugs.

Getting rid of the craving for illicit drugs and alcohol is a huge obstacle, but it can be attained. So, develop a strong self-discipline to keep away from these awful things.